Europa League/ Hoxha and Musolli get Albanian citizenship!
nga AlbaniaSoccer   E enjte, 01 Gusht 2013 04:08   Shtyp

ylli hoxhaTomorrow, KF Kukësi will be playing a very important game against Metalurg Donetsk in the Europa League qualification. However the Albanian team stumbled upon some problems only days before the games. Two of their players only had passports from Kosovo and since Ukraine has not accepted Kosovo as an independent country yet Besar Musolli and Ylli Hosha were not allowed to cross the Ukrainian border next week when Kukësi plays the second leg. So the team had to turn to president Nishani who took action immediately and arranged for both Musolli and Hosha to get an Albanian passport which means they are all set for the Europa League adventure.

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